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Appliances: Induction Cooktop

To connect to gas or not to connect to gas, that was the question. Since our electric furnace is new, we weren’t going to change that out at this time but I did not want to cook on an electric stove. Only one friend had an induction cooktop and he raved about it so I started researching this option and found induction cooking is more efficient than either electric or gas so the choice was clear. See Sustainablog’s post How Energy Efficient is Induction Cooking? The writer points out some disadvantages to induction cooking in the last paragraph but the only one that holds up is that if you do change over to an induction cooktop, be aware that it does require specific cookware properties.

012 Stove

I selected the Electrolux free standing range for its price point, size, and convection oven. Induction cooking took a little getting used to and I now rarely use any setting above medium. Starting out with stainless cookware by Chantal, I slowly change to Lodge cast iron skillets and grill pans.

The oven has a nice blue enamel interior, a deep bottom rack for extra large items (I’m still trying to figure out a use for this feature), and a gliding rack that pulls out like a drawer. I don’t use the oven a great deal but some of the features might get more use over time. A “My Favorite” setting stores a favorite recipe setting and a “Keep Warm” setting keeps hot foods warm if you won’t be eating right away.

A feature that I’ve used more frequently than expected is the warming drawer. This item was a compromise. I really wanted a double oven but the cost was prohibitive. So far, the warming drawer has sufficed for when pieces of a meal aren’t ready at the same time, or when someone is late to dinner.